Hello! ​

I have found a light within creating art. When I step out of my own way and allow the art to take me wherever it needs to, I am much better off than trying to make it make sense. Ever since I can remember I’ve had some sort of art or craft going, in large thanks to my mother. I started drawing young, I even got in trouble for replicating cave paintings in my childhood home. Well, technically my sister got the brunt of it, but the truth came out. I loved the characters that came alive in the books, television shows and movies I watched. Jac Jac from Cinderella, Sailor Moon, and Arthur the Aardvark were some of my first sketches and paintings. 


My love for photography was born from watching my father. My first lessons were in a high school photography class.  I fell in love with the magic of the darkroom. 


Somewhere along the journey of life, I lost my way, and along with it my passion for creating. My love for art and photography was buried beneath the mess that I found myself lost in. When I found my way back to the trail and wiped off my tattered clothes and dirt-covered face I found a camera back in my hands and journals filled with colors and ideas.


My art, ebbs, and flows as I do. In the words of Stephen King, “I tend to go through periods of idleness followed by periods of workaholic frenzy.” When it comes to my photography I try to capture the in-between moments, when people are in their most natural state. I hope to constantly be learning and growing, in both life and art. I am often in awe of the beauty that surrounds me; the hands of a stranger, low hanging clouds above vast meadows the sliver of the moon. 

love always,